“I arranged to see Stephanie because I was experiencing acute anxieties at business meetings out of proportion to the actual threats and issues around the table.  As a 50 year old Chief Executive I had to address the de-stabilising impact this had on my effectiveness and well-being.
Working with Stephanie helped me expose the source of these anxieties in childhood and in particular the lasting impact of being sent away to boarding school at a very young age, suffering abuse and bullying and living with an ever-present fear of letting down my father because I was not fitting in at the school.  With Stephanie’s help I was able to process these childhood experiences and manage episodes of anxiety triggered by them.

As a result I valued and still value Stephanie’s therapy very highly.  She had a quick grasp of the situations I described and was very perceptive at the dynamics within me in our sessions;  for example, she could tell if I was beginning to switch off as a means of evading an underlying issue I was on the brink of exploring with her.  This made her challenging but also made the sessions worthwhile.  She is extremely professional.
I was lucky to be introduced to Stephanie and am delighted to provide this testimonial as a result of what I have gained working with her.”
Mark (Financial Director)


“Having never had psychotherapy before, I found the whole experience difficult to start with but invaluable by the end. The therapy assisted me in dealing with my issues that I was so good at hiding. Through the assistance of therapy and Stephanie’s style, I managed to feel lighter, happier and make ground breaking revelations to help me continue valuable work even after my therapy concluded.

Stephanie’s style was comforting, genuine and gently probing in a way that facilitated my initial reluctance to delve into the deepest of issues. I would not hesitate in recommending Stephanie to anyone that needs help in dealing with the challenges that we face in life, no matter how big or small.”
CA, (Solicitor) London


“I really valued Stephanie’s support and interest over a period in my life that was very important and a bit complicated. It was so helpful to speak to someone ‘on my side’ but challenging as well. The sessions were always interesting and provided food for thought – I gained a better view of myself and my life. And things moved ahead in a very positive way. Stephanie is a great listener and always contributed interesting and imaginative ideas.”
Simon Mc. (Solicitor, Mediator and Coach)


“Stephanie showed a lot of empathy and commitment in our sessions. She left me feeling valued and that she truly cared about the work we were doing together and the issues I was facing. She created a safe space where I could openly think, feel and reflect on my life. It was an enriching and rewarding experience in terms of my own personal growth and self understanding.

I felt a genuine relationship was created with her, which became an important part of my life. I trusted her, and valued the warmth, intelligence, care and humour she brought to our sessions together. I am incredibly grateful to her.”
Julia (Counsellor)

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